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Feel like 

yourself again.

Why choose Rising Health Solutions?

Run by a certified Nurse Practitioner with 25+ years in health care.

Each patient is carefully monitored before, during & after their infusion.

We individualize and customize your treatment and include nutrient IVs to provide holistic healing.

Our West Valley clinic provides a private, calm, and relaxing room for patient and a visitor, if desired.


You're in good hands.

I am a Certified Nurse Practitioner with 25+ years of medical experience.


I specialize in IV nutrition and semaglutide weight management therapies to optimize your overall health.

Where do I get started?

Send us a message here or call us at 480-698-4111 to speak with one of our specialists to have a quick over the phone consultation.

Feel free to also look at our frequently asked questions page for more information.

Ketamine Infusion

Community partners with the 100 Club of Arizona in support of first responders

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