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Jennifer Burgess

Our Story

After 15 years working as an RN in critical care and emergency nursing, I started my career as a family nurse practitioner in a primary care/family practice setting. I was astonished by the amount of mental health patients I treated. I was treating more patients for depression and anxiety than medical conditions such as diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure). Many of these patients did not feel their symptoms were well controlled even with multiple medications and psychotherapy. Many of those that did have improvement of their symptoms, would stop the medication due to unwanted or intolerable side effects. In 2016, I learned of ketamine infusion therapy being used and studied in the treatment of treatment-resistant depression. I was familiar with the use of ketamine as an anesthetic used in the hospital setting and had administered it to many patients during my time as an RN in the hospital. I was intrigued and motivated to learn more. 


In 2019, my husband, a firefighter, began experiencing severe symptoms of PTSD and depression. I encouraged him to seek treatment and suggested trying ketamine infusion therapy. He underwent a series of 6 ketamine infusions in a 2-week period and his symptoms greatly improved. It was amazing to see firsthand and personally the effects of this treatment. A year later, I had another family member go through treatment as well with positive results.


In 2022, I began offering ketamine infusion therapy in my own practice. It has been an amazing experience to help people relieve their symptoms, improve their mental health and transform their lives.


Since then, I have partnered with the 100 Club of AZ and am sponsored and credentialed with the Department of Veterans Affairs. I individualize and specialize in ketamine infusion therapy for Police, Fire and Military. Please call 480-698-4111 to schedule a free consultation or for more information.

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