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Jacob B. 

Ketamine saved my life. The depression was so bad that it was getting close to the end for me. Invest in yourself. You matter!


Brent C. 

Went through the ketamine therapy and it's mind opening. The whole crew at Rising Health is welcoming with a calming peace about the place.


Brandon T. 

3 weeks ago I was told I needed additional help beyond counseling, within hours I was approved and scheduled to do ketamine treatments the very next day with Rising Health Solutions. I was very nervous and didn’t quite know what to expect. Jen and her staff were amazing, they answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease before the first treatment. I loved that I was able to have my wife in the room while I had treatments. They were so accommodating with my crazy schedule and the chair that you sit in is amazing. I completed a total of 6 treatments and feel like I am finally back to being myself again. I can’t thank Jen and her staff enough for this life changing experience. My family and I will be forever grateful, my kids are happy to have their dad back!


Mike S. 

Change your life! This treatment saved my life! Amazing place, staff and chair! This was the second place I have tried for treatments. The people and their amazing chair set them far above other treatment centers. Jen Burgess and her staff are very nice and accommodating. The chair is amazing: from sounds to vibrations at healing frequencies!


Shane M. 

Jenn is flat out amazing! They are very talented and professional. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed while doing my treatments. The office is very nice and clean, with a great atmosphere. Jenn and Stacey were very supportive and encouraging the entire process! Best clinic in the valley, would definitely recommend anyone seeking IV Ketamine therapy to come here!


Cell One Three 

We initially tried Rising Health Solutions for IV hydration and anti inflammatory for chronic back pain and we both got relief from pain for up to a month at a time! When Jen and Stacy started offering ketamine infusion therapy, I knew I had to try it. I suffer from depression and anxiety and after several hard hits from life, I was stuck and stagnant. The infusions helped me GREATLY! Not only do they provide superior medical care, they are kind and genuinely interested in helping people. Thank you Rising Health Solutions for taking great care of our family!


Kelly M. 

My friend referred me to Jennifer Burgess to talk about weight loss. She called us to answer questions and spent 30 mins just educating us. Then she delivered our product and helped us with our daughter who just passed out. She ran home and got her IV’s and gave our daughter some fluids. 30 mins later my daughter feels much better. Jen stayed with us until 8:30 pm after she already worked her full day. So I HIGHLY recommend her! She’s in this for the right reasons; to help her community when they are in need!💜


Ryan G. 

My experience with Jen and her providing services were great! The standards that her and this clinic uphold are top tier. The IV nutrition is a step above and I have never felt better. I would strongly suggest, this being your clinic for your mental health needs and growth. Thank you West Valley Ketamine Therapy Clinic.


Darcy M. 

I’ve tried for years now to get healthy. My body has had other plans. 9 of the 13lbs I’ve lost since April, have been since I started this program three weeks ago! That’s right, from 1lb a month on my own to 3lbs a week with Rising Health Solutions. I have struggled for so long with countless diet, exercise and lifestyle changes only to drop a quick 5lbs but regain 8lbs and often accompanied by new or worsened health problems. My body was screaming for help and my doctors were all telling me it was my new normal. With Rising Health Solutions I have found my zone. No longer a slave to cravings and actually enjoying what I do eat to full satisfaction. I feel great, free from bloat and can already see the change in my face. I do have to admit that all of this has resulted from absolutely zero effort. Had I not been so skeptical, I might have been better about drinking more water and adding some cardio and maybe would have lost even more. So yeah, that would be my advice to anyone else starting this plan. Take it serious, it seriously works!


Oscar M. 

Jen is so Awesome. Very simple to talk to and caring. She makes it a very comfortable experience.


Ulyse S. 

Jennifer NP is the best. She explains everything to me to be sure I understand my treatment plan.


Joshua B. 

I wanted to lose weight and have little time to spend working out. So I decided to try the Semaglutide. The first week hit me hard, but after that it was smooth sailing. In 2.5 months, NO exercising, and with no significant diet changes, I went from 227lbs to 195lbs. I just stop eating when I am full (and this stuff makes eating fill you FAST). I intend to get another batch and try to get even lower and see how exercise will contribute. I definitely recommend this place to anyone!


Krista Q. 

Jen and Stacey are an excellent team who provide quality care. Jen helped me get the extra push I needed for some additional weight/fat loss that exercise and diet alone were not producing. Jen is detail oriented, professional and caring. Thank you Rising Health Solutions for helping so many achieve their health goals.


Carrie M

Jennifer is absolutely the best and easy to work with. She is knowledgeable about so much and patient with all my questions. I get weekly b12 shots and immune iv’s and more

I highly recommend her.


April S. 

Jennifer was amazing and I am super excited to start my health journey with them!

Andrea S.

I suffer from a very rare strain of chronic lyme w/ a co-infection of babesia divergens. these parasites have given me seizures, fainting spells, fibro myalgia, arthritis, the list goes on. I am unable to go to treatment in chicago, it is just too expensive, so having this option to help maintain my symptoms is a dream come true. I didnt have to leave my house! I have severe PTSD and don't like leaving home so this was perfect. But what made it so good was my nurse, Jen!

Wow! Jen is the best EVER! I have never enjoyed an infusion so much before! She kept me busy during it so it went by so much faster than normal and we had stuff in common so it was really fun! She is so knowledgeable and kind and personable and I can't wait for my next infusion! Looking forward to learning about the ketamine treatment and other options as well to add to my regime! I did ketamine treatment for pain years ago so I am really excited to try it for depression/anxiety/PTSD. I would make Jen my own personal Infusion nurse 24/7 if I could! Really excited to get more involved with this place and continue healing! If you have been on the fence about doing this, DO IT. This place knows what theyre doing! I couldn't be happier! THANK YOU JEN!!


Michael M.

This is the one stop shop for all of your IV- infusion needs! After doing 6 ketamine sessions at another clinic I decided to see what other places had to offer and holy cow did rising health solutions blow my expectations out of the water! The personnel there were very kind and would help explain what's happening as they were helping to get me feeling better and staying better! I was able to relax and and let my mind wander while I was treated with no interruptions or distractions (all while they stayed close to monitor how I was doing). This is by far a 10/10 experience and I cannot wait to go back. If you are a veteran in need of something to help with your anxiety, depression, and ptsd please look no further, they do it right. 10/10 would do it again


Terry H.

Jennifer Burgess helped me with some weight loss issues and retaining strength and muscle concerns. Phenomenal service! Explanation and effectiveness of meds were exactly as she described and body changing! Highly recommend giving Rising health solutions an opportunity !!


Ruben S.

Jen is an excellent service provider. She will definitely go above and beyond for her patients to make sure they’re treated and most importantly cared for in the best way possible. Highly recommend Rising Health Solutions!!


Cailyn G.

​Incredible experience & fantastic results!!!

I was in town for less than 24 hours, in between a business trip and a vacation, and found myself severely dehydrated. I was very weak, seeing spots and was experiencing some cognitive dysfunction. I called around to a few places with no luck, until I connected with Jennifer. She went above and beyond to help me get the hydration I desperately needed and I feel sooo much better! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


Charles C.

Was easy to make an appointment and the staff was very friendly.

Jen Burgess is awesome and has a great bedside manner and easy to talk to and open up with.


P. B.

Jennifer and Stacey were awesome. The facility looks very nice and soothing. I received a Myers Cocktail IV Infusion and I will for sure be returning for another. I will try the Recovery and Performance Infusion next.

Greg K.

Super friendly and great knowledge! I will use them as much as I can.

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